Expansion Technologies (EXT) is pioneering the field of Expansion Microscopy invented by Prof. Ed Boyden lab of MIT. Expansion Microscopy is a novel technology that allows users to generate nanoscale-resolution (~60 nm) images with conventional light microscopes, by physically expanding (factor of ~4.5) the biological specimens, using swellable polymers.

EXT developed expansion kits compatible to expand various types of tissue including clinical biopsy specimens and cultured cells, and perfectly fits into standard immunohistochemistry, immunocytochemistry and in situ hybridization methods. In addition to resolution, expansion allows de-crowding of local environment which helps in accurate quantification with absolute spatial information of biomolecules (DNA and RNA) at single molecule level

This technology also compatible with multiplexed in situ hybridization method, where staining cycles are followed by DNAse treatment to remove the DNA probes. Samples can be imaged at very high speed at a high resolution with conventional fluorescent microscope systems, which is a big advantage of this technology.

More info on this technology: http://www.extbio.com/

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