The VIB Tech Watch initiative was founded in 2008, to give VIB a competitive advantage in life sciences, since scientific breakthroughs are often preceded or paralleled with developments in tools and technologies that drive the field forward.

The Tech Watch team is continuously scouting for new, emerging technologies that can boost the research and IP output at VIB. We also have set-up a unique screening system, which allows us to discover the new technologies and start-ups early in their development. The technologies that can have a scientific impact on research performed at VIB are communicated to the VIB scientists. As such, they are privileged to have early-access to stealth technologies in their prototype phase and recently commercialized technologies. Next to facilitating access to these technologies, funding is also provided to lower the threshold of our scientists to implement these new technologies in their research. In addition, we also have funding available for the in-house development of new technologies, which might be in collaboration with a company. VIB scientists can apply for funding during quarterly project calls.

The ‘Innovation Lab’ has recently been introduced to further increase the uptake of new instruments within VIB. Please find additional information on the Innovation Lab here.

The Tech Watch team consist of three full-time team members, and an extended team including 9 group leaders (1 of each VIB department), 2 Core facility leaders and 1 IP manager. New technologies are frequently exchanged within the team, which leads to dispersing of the information across the whole institute. The Tech Watch team meets each quarter of a year to review the project applications submitted by the VIB scientists.