Tech Watch has set-up numerous collaborations between companies developing breakthrough technologies and VIB scientists. A list of the companies which who Tech Watch collaborated, together with the papers that resulted from projects receiving Tech Watch funding, can be found below.


Tech Watch collaborations:

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A full list will soon be published here.


Papers resulting from projects that received Tech Watch funding: 

The list of papers that result from projects that received Tech Watch funding is continuously growing.

Please find the list of published papers below. Is your paper/patent still missing? Please fill in the form below.

  • 2018

    Valadas, J. S. et al. ER Lipid Defects in Neuropeptidergic Neurons Impair Sleep Patterns in Parkinson's Disease. Neuron 98, 1155-1169 Read More
  • 2017

    De Roeck, A. et al. Deleterious ABCA7 mutations and transcript rescue mechanisms in early onset Alzheimer's disease. Acta neuropathologica 134, Read More
  • 2016

    Eyckerman, S. et al. Intelligent Mixing of Proteomes for Elimination of False Positives in Affinity Purification-Mass Spectrometry. Journal of proteome Read More
  • 2015

    Clauw P, et al., Leaf responses to mild drought stress in natural variants of Arabidopsis.Plant Physiol. 2015 Mar; 167(3):800-16. Di Read More
  • 2014

    Baens M et al. MALT1 auto-proteolysis is essential for NF-κB-dependent gene transcription in activated lymphocytes. PLoS One. 2014 Aug 8;9(8):e103774. Read More
  • 2013

    Danso-Abeam D. et al, Olmsted syndrome: exploration of the immunological phenotype. Orphanet J Rare Dis 8, 79,2013 De Clercq I. Read More
  • 2012

    Gijselinck I. et al, A C9orf72 promoter repeat expansion in a Flanders-Belgian cohort with disorders of the frontotemporal lobar degeneration-amyotrophic Read More
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