The BioXp DNA printer from Synthetic Genomics, Inc. allows you to obtain high quality DNA in as fast as 1.5 weeks at competitive pricing. These so-called DNA-tiles (max 32 in parallel) can be automatically cloned into the companies provided pUCGA 1.0 vector or your custom vector of interest during the same run.

How it works?

You submit your sequence through the order portal of SGI-DNA, after which you receive an oligo plate some days later. This is, along with a reagents plate, placed in the BioXp DNA printer. After closing of the lid, the instrument verifies automatically if all the required components are present: the oligo plate, a reagents plate, a recovery plate, an ethanol reservoir, 50 and 200 µl tips and the purification strip. Once this check is finished, a simple click on the touchscreen will allow you to start the run and your DNA will be synthesized while you are sleeping. After the overnight run, your DNA fragments or cloned vectors can be found back in the recovery plate.

Evaluation within VIB?

VIB was the first academic institute in Europe acquiring the BioXp3200 and the instrument was evaluated as part of the VIB Tech Watch ‘Flexible Innovation Lab’. The technology was first adopted by Thomas Jacobs, expert scientist at the VIB Center of Plants Systems Biology (PSB) with a passion for synthetic biology. A smoothly running weekly DNA synthesis service was set-up, with big interest from multiple PSB groups. The DNA synthesis service was afterwards opened to all VIB scientists by Silvie Van den Hoecke, Life Science Technology Specialist at VIB Tech Watch. Orders were received from multiple groups across the different VIB departments. The quality of the synthesized DNA was validated on agarose gel electrophoresis and the error rate inquired. After a positive evaluation in the first five months, it was decided to integrate the BioXp3200 DNA printer within VIB, and a weekly DNA synthesis service will be run from within PSB.