VIB Tech Watch

The Tech Watch team consists of a team of 15 technology experts who scout for novel Life Sciences Technologies and investing in enabling Biotech platforms to fuel disruptive innovation at VIB!

Over the last decade, the Tech Watch team have gathered in-depth information on hundreds of disruptive technologies that have emerged in the Life Sciences. The team are continuously scouting and establishing contact with companies that are developing novel tools which are added to our database comprising of thousands of companies.

Breakthrough technologies are communicated to VIB groups, and funding is available for VIB researches to test these platforms.  Access to early stages prototype instruments that are funded through Tech Watch are placed in the Technology Innovation lab, where dedicated specialists work alongside the VIB groups in the implementation. 

Explore out website further to find out more about our initiative, and if you are interested in discovering more or would to collaborate, you can contact us at


Silvie Van den Hoecke – Halina Novak (Technology and Innovation manager) – Wai Long Tam
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